Research – Functionality – Budget – Environmental Impact

We take into consideration the intended use of the packaging. Whether it’s for pharmaceutical use, (frozen) food, drinks, cosmetics, etc., we decide for the packaging’s material most suitable for the product. This procedure is followed by the artwork and die-cut preparation and processing.

Sampling & Proofing

We are able to create a prototype using a cardboard that has the same weight as the material intended to be used for a certain project. This gives us the advantage to test whether the packaging is indeed appropriate or needs alterations. Meanwhile, we prepare a contract proof following the European standards of printing, for customers approval.

Plate Production

We use Computer To Plate (CTP) system -thermal plate technology- that precisely breaks down colours and details, elevating the artwork’s accuracy. Plates stay firmly in place, increasing sharpness, detail and resolution in print quality. In addition to that, plates are produced in less time, are more consistent and at a lower cost.

Offset Printing

With our Heidelberg CD, a versatile straight-printing press, equipped with innovative technology, which provides flexible processing of a large variety of jobs and materials, we are in the advantageous position to offer the best possible outcome. It achieves constantly high print quality at speeds of up to 15,000 sheets/hour with online quality control. Its strengths are obvious in the production of specialized packaging as well as UV and water-based coating applications. Our Heidelberg Speedmaster 74 2-color allows us to provide you with high quality perfecting printing of pharmaceutical insert leaflets.