About Us

Our History dates back in 1963, when young Pambos Pavlou was trained to become a typographer. In 1973 he dared to fulfil his dream and established his own printing workshop.  Today, three generations later, this family business has become a leading printing firm, expert in offset printing and packaging, offering a full service in design and production, with cutting-edge technology, quality assurance and most importantly, innovative and impressive results.

The importance of Packaging

The primary purpose of packaging is to carry, transport and protect its components from dirt, insects, dampness, breakage, and more.

However, in a constantly evolving society, packaging is called upon to play a more complex role. Nowadays, the purpose of packaging is to give a unique identity to a product within a competitive market. It must inform yet captivate the consumer. Therefore, packaging must add value to the product and increase sales. It acts as a silent seller since it is the first and last thing consumers see before proceeding to a purchase.

Packaging has become an essential marketing tool which supports branding in the world of trade and marketing.

Packaging MUST sell the product it contains.

The Founder

Mr. Pambos Pavlou

In the early 1960s, young Pambos Pavlou was an employee in a printing firm for about twelve years. Feeling undervalued and unappreciated at the time, he wanted to do something better for himself and his family to be able to survive. Just a few months before the invasion of Cyprus, he decided to take a risk and start his own line of work with the support of his loving wife.

After facing many challenges, with his wife and family by his side, his company grew and became the leading company it is today.