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Pambos Pavlou

In the early 1960s, young Pambos Pavlou was an employee in a printing firm for about twelve years. Feeling undervalued and unappreciated at the time, he wanted to do something better for himself and his family to be able to survive. Just a few months before the invasion of Cyprus, he decided to take a risk and start his own line of work with the support of his loving wife.

After facing many challenges, with his wife and family by his side, his company grew and became the leading company it is today.



Offset printing describes the printing process of the image transfer from a plate to a rubber blanket and then to paper.
CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black) is a four-color process. Pantone colors are individual-specific colors used in the printing industry for more precise results.
There are several steps that need to be taken for an order to be completed and every job is unique. Depending on the requirements of the client, the quantity to be produced, etc., the time can vary.
You can send an email with your inquiry at orders@offsetcyprus.com. The email should include an attachment of the artwork and specific details such as dimensions, color, varnish, paper required, etc.) You can also contact us at +357 25 729 842 for more information.
We prefer receiving files as a PDF, EPS, and/or Adobe Illustrator.
We receive the order request from the client and once approved we can proceed with the print proof of the actual artwork. Once that too is approved, we create the plates and then print them on the machine most suitable for the work.
Offset printing is more suitable for the field we specialize in. The printing is more precise, and the images are sharper and clearer. It can be used on various paper weights and is preferred for high volume printing. The use of the Pantone Matching System is used in offset printing, thus making the colors produced much more accurate than the ones used in digital printing.
A proof is a copy of your requested document and is provided to the client physically or digitally. It is made for the benefit of both the client and us since it ensures that the layouts and colors are as requested. The approval of this proof is crucial in the printing process.